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About Us

The Indian Building materials industry is defined solely by the brands that occupy the consumers Psyche. The primary reason for this is that most of the building materials are generic products and can only be differentiated on the basis of the brands that they represent. But for some reason this did not hold true for the building material industry which had no clear cut brand leader.

It was this aspect of the stone industry that led Mr. Bhagwandas Khakhar, a believer in the age old adage that "A Person is limited, not by his abilities, but only by his vision."

And so it was his vision that he could create a company and brand that not only stood out of the clutter but also delivered on its promises of quality. This is what led to the establishment of Solid Stone Company Limited (a flagship company of the Khakhar group).

And as the years have gone, it has been our founder's vision and belief that has driven and also helped us carve out an enviable niche in the Indian & International Stone & Marble Industry.

Solid stone company limited is also one of the first to be listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (B.S.E) from among our peers in the Indian building materials industry.

With operations in India, United States, Middle-East and the United Kingdom, Solid Stone Company limited may have grown in size but it is the belief of our late founder that we are limited not by our abilities but only our vision that drives us and helps us stay true to the original dream of being a brand that strives and doesn't rest till it achieves excellence.

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